How to choose Kitchen Faucet Universal Tube?

Usually, in addition to some commonly used bathroom furniture in the bathroom in the home, there are actually some small details that you have noticed, that is, the hardware purchase of the bathroom. Although it is a small part and inconspicuous, it won't work without it.
First. Types of bathroom hardware
Common bathroom hardware includes faucets, showers, floor drains, drains, hoses, valves, towel racks, shelves, mirrors and so on.
Second. Classification of bathroom hardware materials
Bathroom hardware accessories are divided into stainless steel hardware, hollow copper chrome-plated hardware, all-copper solid chrome-plated hardware, aluminum alloy hardware and so on. Generally speaking, the quality of all-copper hardware is better than that of other materials.
Third, the general hardware purchase method of bathroom
1. Look at the material of the hardware
There are many kinds of materials for bathroom hardware. Among them, products made of pure copper are often tightly structured and weighed by hand. In addition to being heavier than similar products, they also feel solid and durable.
2. Look at the plating of hardware
The standard electroplating layer can not only make the surface of the product fine and uniform, but also avoid oxidation and rust in a humid environment. Look at the surface of the pendant with your eyes. If there is no blistering on the surface and the coating is uniform, you can choose.
3. Look at the hardware technology
Products processed through strict process standards often go through complex machining, polishing, welding, inspection and other processes. The products are not only beautiful in appearance, good in use, but also have excellent feel, uniform, smooth and flawless.
Fourth, the purchase method of other bathroom hardware
1. Purchase of bathroom drain
The drain is a drainage device for bathtubs, basins, etc. According to the type, there are two main types: bounce launching and flip-top launching. The advantages of the bounce drainer are obvious. It is quick and convenient to bounce, save trouble, and easy to clean; the flip cover is easy to plug in the water, and it is more difficult to open when draining, but the service life of the flip cover is generally longer than that of the bounce type.
2. Purchase of sanitary hose
How to purchase hose: Consumers can purchase according to the use occasion and actual installation size when purchasing; try to buy in regular stores or supermarkets, the product quality can be guaranteed; copper or stainless steel connecting nuts and cores should be used ; When choosing a braided tube, pay attention to the weaving effect of the tube body, do not jump, break, or overlap the wire. The higher the density of the weaving pattern, the better.
3. Purchase of bathroom angle valve
The role of the angle valve is mainly to transfer the internal and external water outlets. In addition, when the water pressure is too high, it can be adjusted on the triangle valve. At the same time, if the faucet leaks and other phenomena occur, the triangle valve may be turned off instead of shutting down the house. The main valve.
Angle valve purchase method: In the case of sufficient light, you can put the angle valve in your hand and straighten it for observation. The surface should be as bright as a mirror, without any oxidation spots, and no traces of burnt; and there is no pores or scorching when you look up close. Foaming, no leakage of plating, uniform color; no burrs or sand when touched by hand.