How to improve the sales volume of business model for sanitary ware companies.

First, pay attention to details and service, uninvited consumers
Facing the deserted home furnishing market, many sanitary ware companies have seen "sparse" customers, but some brand specialty stores are crowded with people even on weekdays. So, what caused such a dual-sky situation? On the one hand, it depends on its own brand influence, and it becomes the key to attracting customers. For young people, mental power is more lethal than the practicality of the product, because "everyone aspires to be the protagonist and dominator."

On the other hand, its "attracting" customers lies in the details and services. From door-to-door self-service membership registration and WeChat registration to items with long and short shopping bags with double straps and their own "ID"; from the overall experience of different styles of model rooms to the mode of self-filling shopping lists; from each item Material descriptions to on-site display items production process; from distribution and maintenance and other services to the "conversational" careful introduction, these details and services, convenience and experience, are the ideas and directions for the transformation of the bathroom industry.

Second, Jane and Beauty is popular, keeping up with market consumption trends
Young people are the main purchasing power of the home building materials industry, and the European style is gorgeous and elegant, which is the style that many young consumers prefer. However, the market is not static. As most sanitary ware companies are pursuing the development of European-style products, the "homogenization" problem has also begun to arise, and many companies have gradually lost their own distinctive differences. And with the prevalence of European style, the price of European-style home building materials has also been rising, but the quality has been greatly reduced, which has seriously affected the quality and integrity of the company.

Among the overwhelming, gorgeous and graceful European-style products, the style of "simplicity and beauty" began to rise quietly, and it has become a new direction for some companies to break new paths and breakthroughs. Many consumers reflect on the "simple and beautiful" style: "Most young people now have limited economic power, and small apartments have become a realistic choice. The simple and generous pure color will give people a feeling of relaxation and decompression, and the storage function is strong and practical. High-quality, high-quality products are the standards most consumers are pursuing when choosing sanitary products." Consumers’ words reflect the shift in the direction of consumption in the sanitary ware market, simple and generous, focusing on quality, and strong practicality. Beauty has become a new choice for consumers.

Third, lead the trend, free-style experience is favored
At present, most sanitary ware companies are more accustomed to "follow the trend" rather than "lead the trend", and are accustomed to converging to cater to the popular elements of the market, instead of having the courage to make breakthroughs and innovations, create their own unique advantages and personalized differences, and lead consumers' choices . Insufficient innovative concepts and consumption guidance have caused many sanitary ware companies to lose their source of customers and customer stickiness, and also dilute their own competitiveness.

"Free-style life experience" is one of the weaker aspects of the sanitary ware industry. Most companies pay attention to sales and display, and underestimate the important part of leading consumers to "experience". Some consumers said: "Now there are a lot of things in shopping malls, but they lack the experience of being'immersive' and in-depth experience, and lack the sense of'substitution' in the store as at home. Consumers can only hear the introduction of the shopping guide. Seeing the relevant manuals, but seldom can truly and thoroughly understand the benefits and functions of the product. "It can be seen that you can have a free and comfortable life experience and sense of belonging in the terminal store, which is the biggest demand of consumers.

As the sanitary ware market as a whole is in the stage of reshuffling and transformation, how can companies get rid of the dilemma of "sparse" customers and create a new scene of "attracting" customers? The most important thing is to create special scenes in terms of brand promotion, style functions, and free experience. Passive to active, leading new consumption models, exploring and maximizing customer needs, grasping details and services, extending experience and practical functions, so that customers can be like clouds.